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Your Local e-Bike Experts

Words by Tony

on 27/10/2015 12:09:27

Raleigh Motus e-Bike

Electric Bikes - extra power when you need it.

The technology in electric bikes has leapt forward in the last few years. They're lighter, faster and cheaper, so we are now carrying a large range of electric bikes starting at £799. Here are 5 reasons why an electric bike might be right for you or someone you know.

1. They're Fun.
2. They save you Money
3. You get Fitter
4. You save Time
5. It's Green

See all our e-Bikes here:

1. They're fun. The surge of power that accelerates you forward brings a smile to your face. You can decide when and how much power you want to assist your pedalling.

2. They save money. Rather than pushing two tons of non-aerodynamic metal down the road every time you go out, you can use the efficient electric bike for many journeys. You don't have to pay for parking, and you may even be able to do with one less car in the family.

3. You'll get fitter. If you're thinking of taking up cycling to improve your fitness, an electric bike allows you to gradually build up your work. Unlike an ordinary push bike, it is not "all or nothing". Work when you’re feeling good, and use power when you need an assist

4. You save time. For most commutes under 5 miles, you will get to your destination faster. You can go around queues of traffic, use advance stop zones at lights, and often there are bike routes that avoid traffic hot spots. It's certainly much faster to move between Slough and Windsor or Slough and Maidenhead by bike than car, as there are lovely traffic-free cycle routes.

5. It's Green. Not only do you avoid wasting fuel with a car, electric energy is responsible for less green house gas than petrol or diesel for the same amount of energy.

Our electric bike business is growing fast, and we have added Raleigh's range of quality bikes to those from Giant, FreeGo and Cube.

Go faster uphill than downhill? Cube's new electric mountain bike.

csm_Cube_2016_04_temp_01262_A_8a1445c1a0If you want to have fun on a mountain bike and cut out the boring uphill bits, then this is the bike for you. The electric power is supplied by Bosch's innovative crankset-based drive system, and the batteries use the latest laptop technology.

You can get hours of fun on the trail with a single charge, and you can use less electric assist as you get fitter. If you're a fan of trail centres, then you can get back up to the top without waiting for a bus or ski lift!

Cube have a range of electric mountain bikes, so come in and test ride this, as we're confident you will be amazed at the power it generates!