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Gear up for Winter Riding

Words by Tony

on 23/12/2015 15:58:49


Whilst it may not have felt like it in December, Winter is Coming.  So how can you get out to have some fun and shed your Holiday excesses at the same time?

muddy mountain biking


1.  The Right Bike

Whether it’s for commuting, mountain biking, road cycling, cyclo-cross or general getting around town, we have bikes ready for winter riding.

Fittings for mud guards, clearances for higher volume tyres and easy to clean design are all key benefits of bikes designed for winter.


2.  The Right Clothing

“There is no such thing as bad weather for riding, only unsuitable clothing” is the famous quote from Alfred Wainwright. Cycle clothing has become far more technical and effective in just the last few years.  Waterproof and breathable used to be promoted, but not really true.  Endura-FS260-Pro-SL-Classics-Long-Sleeve-Jersey

The latest generation of softshell waterproofs are finally delivering on that promise. For example, the Endura FS-260 Pro SL jersey, pictured, is waterproof and windproof, and it’s the first such jacket I’ve been able to wear and not end up soaked in sweat after a hard ride.

Hands and feet are typically the first things to suffer when it gets cold, and we have an excellent selection of gloves and over-shoes designed to keep your extremities warm and dry.  Check out all of our clothing here.


road-mudguards3.  The Right Accessories

Mudguards are essential when the roads and trails get messy. They keep you and your bike clean and dry.  We have a selection of designs suitable for different types of bike.  Those pictured are for road bikes, and we have them for mountain, commuting and city bikes as well.


4.  Lights


You can extend your riding window with a good set of lights.  Just as with clothing, the technology has jumped ahead in the last few years, so you can get brighter lights with longer battery life.  Rechargeable batteries are the norm on quality lights as well, and you simply plug them into a USB port on your computer to charge them.  I really enjoy riding off road at night, as even well known trails feel like a fresh experience without the visual clues you are used to seeing.  Evening rides on road are also a fun change of pace, as the roads are much quieter after rush hour.

For off-road riding, I use two front lights – one on the handlebars to light up the trail straight ahead, and one on my helmet, so I can see where I’m going around a bend.  The picture illustrates how small, but powerful, helmet lights can be.