Bike Fit is more than just choosing the right size frame!

Choosing the right size bike is absolutely critical when buying a road bike, but it’s just a starting point. We don’t simply rely upon brand’s sizing charts. We will size you up by putting bikes on a turbo trainer in the store to ensure we source the right frame size for you. Bike sizes vary by manufacturer, and the right size for you will differ based on factors, such as your ratio of leg length to torso length and the objective of the bike design (racing or endurance).

Once we have you on the correct frame, we then go the extra mile to provide a dynamic bike fit service. That means we film you while you are riding on the turbo, so we can make key measurements while you are in motion, not simply sitting on the bike. Our bike fit includes the following

  • Taking an impression of your feet on Specialized’s Body Geometry Heatpad
  • Setting up your cleats (rotation, fore/aft, inside/outside) to ensure your knee tracks straight up and down
  • Knee over Pedal Spindle (KoPS), which is fore/aft movement of the saddle to minimise the shear forces on your knee
  • Saddle height to ensure your muscles are working in their most powerful range of motion
  • Handlebar reach and drop to get the right balance between aerodynamics and comfort to achieve your cycling objectives.


How do you choose the best saddle for you?

We also work with you on your saddle fit. There is a reason why there are so many saddles on the market – no one saddle works for all bikes and all riders. As shown, the general shape of the varies based on your posture on the bike. However, your flexibility, the amount your hips rotate (or don’t) when you bend forward for the bars, and the width between your sit bones, all affect your saddle choice.

We utilise Ergons digital Sit Bone Width measuring system and Specialized’s pressure pad to measure the distance between your sit bones, and we have you do some simple flexibility checks. With that information we can help you find the saddle best designed for you!

Shock set-up fundamentally changes your riding experience

Mountain bike set-up

You can have the best shock on the market, but, if it’s not set correctly, you won’t get the performance you’re entitled to.

Setting up the sag, so the shock works for you on extension, and setting up the rebound, so it doesn’t compress through a series of drops, is part of the service you get from Stows

We provide this with any new mountain bike priced over £1200, as that is the point at which your fork will be sophisticated enough to benefit from proper set-up.  This work will ensure you get the most enjoyment from your bike right out of the shop.  When you buy a full-suspension mountain bike, setting up the rear shock has the same requirement to be able to perform at it’s best.


When you buy any road bike from Stows priced at over £1500, we include your bike fit and set-up as part of that purchase. We want you to get the most enjoyment and performance possible from your new bike. If you have an existing bike that you would like to have set-up professionally, we can help you as well.

Bike fitting is £120, and a suspension set-up is £45.  

Give us a call to arrange a booking for a fit on 01753 520 528 We will need about 1.5 hours to complete the fit and you will need to bring shorts/leggings and a suitable top.

Free bike fitting is excluded when using any cycle to work vouchers as payment.


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